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Since 2006 I have been collecting plastics on Suffolk beaches. Whilst walking, I have taken many hundreds of photos of our changing coastline. Below is a selection of a few of these photos (in roughly chronological order), taken at Thorpeness over a 12 year period.

Erosion has been a feature of the East Anglian coastline for hundreds of years, with many villages lost to the sea. My photographs bear witness to the continuing onslaught of the sea on our coastline and the inevitability of further erosion, especially with the prospect of accelerating sea level rise and more extreme storm events as a result of climate change.

All of the photographs were taken within 2 miles of Sizewell nuclear power station, posing the question: is this coastline with its friable sandy cliffs and watery hinterland a suitable place for a new nuclear power station, given that experts quietly admit that Sizewell will in time become a nuclear island?
And what kind of a legacy will we be leaving to future generations?

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Thorpeness 14th October 2013

Thorpeness 13th November 2016