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a selection of sites that have informed, shocked or inspired me...



This changes everything - Naomi Klein's brave, brilliant and compelling book on climate change. A must-read... "inspiring change and the need for immediate action".
GYRE - inspiring expedition and exhibition in Alaska highlighting issues of marine litter. Links to participating artists here.
Art not Oil Coalition aiming to end oil industry sponsorship of the arts
platform - combines art, activism, education and research in one organisation, creating unique projects driven by the need for social and ecological justice.
h.a.schult - inspiring Actionkunst concerning trash, climate, cars... from German artist HA Schult, including his Madrid Trash Hotel. Shult calls our attention to our own conspicuous consumption, obsessively returning to the metaphor of garbage, refuse dumps, and debris.
greenpeace - independent global campaigning organisation, defending the natural world and promoting peace by investigating, exposing and confronting environmental abuse, and championing environmentally responsible solutions. Campaigns include climate change, Arctic, rainforests and, of course, oceans.
the marine conservation society (MCS) - the UK charity dedicated to protecting our seas, shores and wildlife. Produces the annual Good Beach Guide, as well as promoting public participation in volunteer projects and surveys such as Beachwatch.
The rime of the modern mariner - haunting, beautiful and angry update of Coleridge's classic by Guardian cartoonist/ author/ illustrator, Nick Hayes - the fantastical voyage is now one of environmental catastrophe through the North Pacific Gyre....
into eternity - jaw-dropping documentary documenting the world's first attempt to create a storage facility for nuclear waste to last 100,000 years.
the oil road - journeys from the Caspian to the city of London - powerful and thought-provoking book by Platform's James Marriott and Mika Minio-Paluello
the man in seat sixty-one - this really helpful site will tell you how to travel overland by train comfortably and affordably where you thought flying was the only option
the wrecking season - inspiring film by Jane & Nick Darke about beachcombing on the North Cornwall coast. See also Jane Darke's moving and beautiful film The art of catching lobsters and book Held by the sea...
message in the waves - watch this amazing BBC film about plastic pollution in our oceans, focussing on Hawaii, and which inspired campaigns, starting in Modbury, to become plastic bag free.
algalita marine research foundation - California-based marine research and education organisation working towards a plastic pollution-free world through field researcg, analysis and education.
nef - new economics foundation, a London-based independent think-and-do tank which believes in economics as if people and the planet mattered
air quality archive - causes & effects of and forecasts for UK air pollution
surfers against sewage - information and campaigning about water quality
hydromemories - an interdisciplinary artistic project on the theme of water. It seeks to examine both private and industrial wastage of water and the crisis in its future provision. Excellent archive of water-related art projects.
centre for alternative technology - UK's major centre for environmental inspiration and courses
@globalgarbage -  links to latest research, initiatives & projects about marine litter worldwide. Also fantastic list of useful and interesting websites on net without litter links page
moby-duck - fascinating true story of 28,800 bath toys lost at sea and one man's journey to find track them down.
Sheila McKechnie Foundation - charity aiming to connect, inform and support campaigners. Includes Campaign Central database.
the yes lab - creative anti-corporate activism
backoftheocean - beachcombed, cycled, recycled, upcycled and rearranged treasure from the beaches of Europe, especially the Isle of Man
buy nothing day - international campaign by adbusters, a global network of artists, activists and pranksters
plastic pollution coalition - U.S. not-for-profit organisation campaigning for their vision of a world free of plastic pollution and of the toxic impacts of plastic on humans, the environment, wildlife and marine life.
talking walking - activism, art, gossip, interviews and news from the world of walking... Listen to artists (including me!), specialists and walkers talking about how walking inspires their work and shapes our world.
garden organic - the UK charity for organic growing
plants for a future - a resource centre for rare and unusual plants, particularly those which have edible, medicinal or other uses.
transition network - encourages sustainable communities and provides advice on how to create them
WDC - global charity dedicated to the conservation and welfare of all whales and dolphins
cheat neutral - offset your cheating here...
the ashden directory - bringing together environmmentalism and performing arts
beyond nuclear - US organisation working for a world free from nuclear power and nuclear weapons - packed with useful information. Nearer (very near) to home: TASC: Together Against Sizewell C
LILAC - the UK's first affordable ecological cohousing project. Be inspired!