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Art in a box

I'm loving my roaming gallery, currently featuring my Museum of Beyond project. We enjoyed more exciting outings last summer. Thank you everyone for another warm and enthusiastic reception at the wonderful FolkEast festival - and for the objects you contributed to the Museum!

You can see some pictures here.

We're now planning where to visit this year. First stop is likely to be a visit to Firstsite at Colchester - more about that soon... But meanwhile if you have any ideas or events, now's a great time to get in touch.


Open Field

I'm thinking about creating an open weekend in the garden and field (and in huts!) at my home here in Suffolk in summer 2018... The land here is a semi-wild haven for wildlife next to ancient woodland so ideal for inspiring an interest in life of all kinds! If you may be interested in contributing an exhibit, performance or event at Open Field, please do get in touch. Ideas that help re-imagine the future (and that help us to make it happen) would be especially welcome. Residencies are available if you would like to come and develop ideas on site.
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