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  C Beyond - why there should never be a C in Suffolk... and what we can do  
  C Beyond exhibition: see beyond the myths - what Sizewell C would mean for us all  
WATER     Water Fall - a one minute film created for Alive in the Universe  
  Amphibiliving - imagining a future living with water  
      Up and Under - the 100% natural way to combat global sea level rise  
  Walking to save some sea - my 46000 challenge  
  A year at the edge - walking and collecting on the Suffolk coast  
    A present from... - rubbish idea to help save our wildlife  
  Seafood soup - a sustainable seafod mix from the North Sea  
  May also contain... - exploring hidden depths of sea water  
  A short walk on the beach... - warm and sunny but a wash-out  
  Seeing things - big things on the beach  
    Food parcels - helping to feed the marine world...  
    Wild bird food - a colourful mix guaranteed to attract wild birds  
  Everlasting floating bird feeder - feed the birds...for eternity  
    Wildlife traps - recycled and guaranteed to last a lifetime and beyond  
  Seafood platter - a tasty and tempting platter of seafood treats  
    On the waterfront - rubbish photos taken on the waterfront at Ipswich  
      Self-portrait from two carrier bags - what I found out about us on the beach  
  Cloud Collection - inspiration for when earth gets you down  
      Air - help the world breathe more easily (and save for yourself too...)  
    An Airplay - a one-off performance at the Buttermarket in Ipswich  
      We need more planes - join our campaign now!  
  Master Pieces - a world shaped by man  
  Secret Garden Seed Mix - earth and a bee friendly mix seed mix  
  Suffolk Sand - 50,000 plastic pieces FREE inside!  
  Second Spring - a November garden...  
  Ship to Beyond - an oil age ship burial  
         - also see Up and Under above -  
  Museum of Beyond - imagining plastics in a future beyond oil...  
  The Oil Age Hut - hutliving in the age of oil...  
  A million years of stored sunshine - North Sea icons  
  Under wraps - taking plastic mulch out of the fields and into the home  
  Sea Wall - protecting the sea from the land...  
  Life Savings - share in my life savings and take a FREE piece of Art  
  Win a genuine PEARL necklace  
  Touching lives... - Procter & Gamble's sustainability policy flushed out  
  It doesn't grow on trees...  
         - also see WATER above -  
OTHER     Postcards from Beyond - imagining a future without fossil fuels  
      Paperchains - back to nature with all those unwanted catalogues  
      Self-portrait from a box - wallpaper inspired by the television  
  Art in a Box - a roaming gallery in a vintage horsebox  
  Tree houses - looking up, not down  
  Enviro-marketing - the new eco way to reach the previously unreachable  
      Buy Nothing Day - the bag lady and friends hit Norwich for Buy Nothing Day  
  Matchbox gallery - portable art that has something to say  
      Fed up with being sold what to do - white it out  
      Glossed over - more white paint...  
      Automatons - with a heart of gold...  
EXHIBITIONS     Photographs of some of my marine litter installations  
    Some great rubbish art  
  flyintheface blog  
  a year at the edge blog - a year of walking and collecting at Thorpeness  
WEBSITES - imagining plastics in a future beyond oil... - imagining a future living with water...  
RESOURCES     Plastic Fantastic? - a series of posters created for RISC  
      Holy water washes up on Suffolk Coast  
  Short rural residencies: creating for a change...