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  • Air is the single most important ingredient for survival. No living person can survive without air. Yet what protection is there for our air supply - and who controls quality now?
  • Most of us suffer exposure to many air pollutants, causing or hastening more than 50,000 deaths/year in the UK and 2 million premature deaths worldwide each year (source: World Health Organization). Yet we have no alternative but to breathe the air which surrounds us – regardless of unacceptable pollution levels. If there is a problem with our water supply, we can buy bottled water – if there is a problem with our air supply, we must breathe it anyway and live (if we can) with the consequences.
  • Most of our land is privately owned, even our water is now privately owned – inconceivable a generation ago… Will air be next...?


...Here are three exciting ideas that might help:

  • Join in our great AIR RAID and start saving air for the future now!!
  • Donate air to AIR AID, our new Air Bank, and help the world breathe more easily...
  • Need fresh air now? - try our exclusive range of FRESH AIR from the Suffolk coast and countryside - but take care to read the warnings first...

And why not download an AIR DONOR CARD now to carry with you and to ensure your last breath will not be wasted.

air donor card


Although my AIR ideas were created for an exhibition in 2007, the topic sadly remains highly relevant, with more reports of the adverse impact of air quality emerging all the time. For example: Unsurprisingly, concern in cities, especially London, is escalating. Yet, despite the Government's legal obligations, little decisive action has yet been taken to reduce the threats of air pollution.
I occasionally exhibit an 'air' installation with updates.


The air from the earth
photograph shows the air above the horizon at Aldeburgh, Suffolk, at midday on a cloudless February day