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    A unique new DIY Landfill Kit - guaranteed not to cost the earth!

    Why is it needed?
    UK landfills are reaching capacity with 20.9 million tonnes of our rubbish (much of it recyclable or repairable) being landfilled each year. Help solve the crisis now by making your own landfill in your garden or window-box.

    What would I do with it?
    Instructions: Dig hole. Fill with contents of the D.I.Y. Landfill Kit.

    What are the advantages of DIY landfill ?
    • fully bio-degradable
    • money spent on this kit will not be spent on items (especially plastics) that will ultimately end up in landfill
    • you can grow things in it

    What's in it?
    The contents are collected by hand from organic molehills* near the Suffolk Heritage Coast.
    Bag and contents compostable.
    Trowel not included.

    *Want to make a mountain out of your molehill? Attractive discounts offered for bulk purchase.

    Contact us at to ask for a quotation. Offer subject availability.

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