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The opportunity

A present from... is a range of location-specific sea-side souvenirs, each one unique and exclusive to your chosen location. Just select a location of your choice, for which you can then receive the rights to use the ‘A present from’ souvenir concept in return for a small donation to The Marine Conservation Society (other charities may be acceptable by indiviudal agreement).

The range

You will collect the individual ‘souvenirs’ from the beach of your chosen location. Depending on the location, a half-hour stroll along the beach is usually more than to collect plenty of rubbish to fill your stall with interesting and unusual items. All you need do is package the items (we can provide pack designs and specifications) and create a colourful and enticing display, using our ‘Make a stand’ guide to building your own stall.

Choosing a location

Some beaches are subject to more marine waste than others. If you are seeking a business with a high turnover then choose a location with a high number of visitors and with strong on-shore drift.
For sewage-related debris, you will find the best results on an urban, Scottish or West Country beach. If unsure, we recommend you consult the Marine Conservation Society’s Beachwatch results to identify a beach that meets your needs exactly.
We expect some beaches to be in high demand. Don’t worry though - you will find there is more than enough rubbish for everyone. According to the UN, there are on average of 46,000 pieces of plastic litter per square mile of ocean worldwide and it’s increasing all the time - so there is no danger of running out!

The benefits

Help keep your chosen beach clean.
Reduce harm to wildlife.
Raise money in donations and create publicity for marine charities.
Get people talking about the issue.


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