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taking plastic mulch out of the fields and into the home...




Plastic has transformed our lives - and, now, our landscapes too!  All over Britain huge tracts of land are now swathed in plastic for much of the year. I had to find out more...

According to the plastics manufacturers, covering our fields with plastic can:

  • minimise evaporation and hence cut water use
  • promote growth
  • reduce the use of pesticides


I was inspired! Putting on my thinking cap I was sure I could find some more uses for these miracle materials even closer to home.
This is what I've come up with so far...

Why not wrap yourself in plastic to reduce water loss and help combat the effects of ageing, keeping your skin young and supple?
Help your children grow fast and strong by wrapping them in plastic (avoiding their heads of course!!)
Cut household water bills by reducing the amount you drink. Swathe all or part of yourself in plastic and just see how much less you need to drink!
Don't forget the pets! Keep your dogs and cats free from pests and parasites by wrapping their fur in plastic (but, remember, avoid their heads!).


Save bath water: take your bath under plastic and reduce unnecessary evaporation (but, please, don't stay in too long or you may run out of air!).




Stop nits now!! Wrap the family's hair in plastic and keep those headlice at bay - while your hair grows faster and stronger too!


Keep your lips luscious and moist (but don't forget to remove the plastic before eating or kissing!)


Grow your garden the corporate way: make plants and trees grow faster, just wrap them in plastic. And don't forget the lawn too!





( Wrapping things can be art too... See more of Christo & Jeanne-Claude's work here.)

These are just a few of the many, many ideas for plastic mulch at home. Please experiment and let me know what you come up with. The best ideas will be added to the website.


For more photos of plastic in the landscape, see It doesn't grow on trees.