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    A colourful and long-lasting cocktail of plastic pieces that float on the surface of the water or lie at the high-tide line. Ideal for attracting wildlife, especially seabirds feeding their chicks. Harvested sustainably by hand, this seafood platter was originally created for Tanja, Henry and Theo's Merry Meal of Maritime Miscellany in Thorpeness.

    Normally served in sea-water, this cocktail can last for up to 1000 years.
    Contents: previously used plastic pieces from many countries of origin. Contents may vary.
    May also contain: toxins including dioxins and other persistent pollutants in high concentrations. These may be seriously damaging to health.

    Important - read following warnings before use:
    There are an estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic floating on the surface of every square mile of sea world-wide. This is mistaken for food, leading to the death of over one million seabirds and over 100,000 marine mammals and turtles every year due to due to starvation (the stomach becomes filled with plastic), poisoning or entanglement.
    Plastics can both contain and absorb highly toxic chemicals in great concentrations. Plastic pellets have been found to accumulate up to one million times the level of those poisons that are floating in the water itself.
    Often thought of as ‘disposable’, plastic is in fact nearly impossible to dispose of, taking between 500 and 1000 years to break down in sea-water and then forming microscopic toxic particles which continue to contaminate our seas, our beaches, our wildlife - and maybe even the food on our plate.

    Close-up of typical ingredients of our seafood platter:

ingredients of seafood platter


    Click here to find out more about plastics, their impact on our seas and wildlife and what we can do to help - including downloadable educational resources.



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