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I recently offered free packets of my own Secret Garden seed mix. Collected from my own vegetable garden, each packet contains earth and a secret bee-friendly mix of seeds, self-sown from vegetables and wild flowers. Visitors could also help themselves to the loose seed mix from a wheelbarrow in the gallery (kept watered to encourage germination).

Each packet may contain the following seeds: sprouting broccoli, parsnip, carrot, camomile, beans, beetroot, celery, celeriac, tomato, parsley, fennel, radish, carrot, wintercress, rocket, lettuce, pea, dandelion, verbena, strawberry, poppy, evening primrose, marigold, coriander, feverfew, chive, marjoram, nettle, heartsease, daisy, sunflower, nasturtium, borage, tobacco plant, angelica, scarlet pimpernel, veronica, chickweed, sage, toadflax, hop, cosmos... and billions of micro-organisms (the sign of a healthy soil).
May also contain earthworms, moles and horse manure.
Contains no peat, artificial fertilisers, weedkillers or other chemicals.

Warning: may turn to mud when wet.

NOTE: treat lightly on the earth.
A compacted soil is starved of water, air and nutrients, adversely affecting all life in earth.