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An inviting and colourful seafood soup mix, sustainably* harvested by hand from the Suffolk shores of the North Sea.
To serve, just add water and salt.

WARNING: Often thought of as ‘disposable’, the plastic in this soup mix is in fact nearly impossible to dispose of, taking up to 1000 years to break down in sea-water and then forming a soup of microscopic toxic particles which continue to contaminate our seas, our beaches, our wildlife - and maybe even the food on our plate.

*sustainable = capable of being maintained at a steady level without exhausting resources.
While there is no chance of stocks running low of this type of seafood, many species of fish are severely endangered. For more information about sustainable seafood and fishing, see Greenpeace Sustainable Seafood, MCS's Fishing for our Future and Hugh's Fish Fight. Above all, follow Greenpeace's advice (see below) and eat less fish!

"Greenpeace believes we should eat less fish. Fish are supplied in a fundamentally different way to other animal food products. Meat and dairy products are farmed - as we consume them, more animals are reared to ensure continued supply. In stark contrast, the vast majority of fish we eat are not farmed but essentially mined - taken from the ocean without consideration for maintaining the source sustainably.
Academics around the world now agree that we are taking too many fish from our oceans and that this is having a detrimental impact on our marine life. Not only are some stocks of fish collapsing (not able to support their own populations anymore) but other species are suffering as their food sources are depleted."

Read more in Greenpeace's Frequently Asked Questions about Sustainable Seafood.