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My life savings have been recycled as Art because they are broken, damaged, incomplete, outmoded or otherwise useless to the present owner.
The artist can bear no responsibility for any item’s lack of purpose or for any damage, offence or injury, whether caused by the item itself or sustained through its attempted use.
Please also read the important information below about your investment.


Nearly all of the pieces of Art in Life Savings are made of or contain plastic.

Since the 1950s the world has produced literally billions of tonnes of plastics and it has transformed our lives - so much so that it is hard to imagine life without it. In the UK alone we use 4.7 million tonnes per year - with 35% used just for packaging. Worldwide its manufacture uses an estimated 8% of the world’s oil production.

Plastics are extremely durable, lightweight, cheap and versatile;  unfortunately they are also the most pervasive, persistent and hazardous form of litter.

Often thought of as ‘disposable’, plastic is actually nearly impossible to get rid of, taking between 400 and 1000 years to photo-degrade, breaking down into ever smaller toxic particles (a kind of plastic dust) which continue to contaminate soil, waterways and oceans - and our foodchain. Billions of pieces of plastic are already floating in our seas and working their way up the foodchain, and in a study of Northumbrian sand samples, microscopic fibres were found in all the samples collected, some with more than 10,000 fibres per litre of sand.

Moreover, because there are hundreds of different types, plastic is very difficult (and expensive) to recycle. In fact, unless burned (which can be very dangerous as this releases toxic fumes), plastic never really disappears from our planet.

In other words, nearly all the plastic we have ever made, used and thrown away still exists on our planet today: in our homes, in landfill and in our environment - including in living creatures, even ourselves - and it will be here for centuries to come.

By taking home a piece of Art today, you have made an investment that will last a lifetime and beyond. Please value it as the rare item it should be.


Remember... plastics, not just diamonds, are forever.

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