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Here's what Greenpeace have to say:
Every year, about 300 billion pounds of plastic is produced around the world, and only a fraction is recycled. We’re all responsible for this mess, and it will take all of us to stop it from getting worse. It’s time to completely rethink how we as a society use (or abuse) plastic.

There are lots of things you can do to make a difference. Here's some ideas for what we can all do to help reduce plastics pollution, especially in our seas (Greenpeace estimate that 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the world's oceans every year):

  • Reduce, repair, re-use and re-cycle – be conscious of all that you buy, and be sure to avoid ‘disposable’ plastic products and anything with excessive packaging. Plastics are highly dependent on oil for their production - start treating plastics as the rare resource that they soon will be!
  • Refuse plastic carrier bags wherever possible - try always to carry an alternative with you.
  • Avoid buying takeaway drinks in plastic bottles and cups. Carry a re-usable container if you can.
  • Don't buy products containing microbeads. These are present in many toiletries products but also in household cleaners and detergents. Keep a watchful eye on ingredients lists and boycott the culprits!
  • Don't take part in balloon releases and never let go!
  • Never flush plastics (sanitary towels, tampon applicators, cottonbuds) down the loo - and don’t use tampon brands with plastic applicators.
  • Demand more and better recycling facilities in your area - out and about, not just in the home.
  • Take part in river and beach clean-ups (for instance, Beachwatch) - or organise one yourself.
  • Every time you see litter, pick it up and dispose of it properly. When visiting beaches, take a spare bag to pick up any litter that you see.
    If you live near the sea or a river, your storm drains may be washing rubbish out to sea. Demand that these are eliminated.
  • Support organisations such as Greenpeace and the MCS, who are lobbying for better protection of our oceans and wildlife.
  • Be very conscious of your ecological footprint. Encourage change though your decisions and do not accept society's obsession with consumption and disposability.
  • Finally, why not start your own campaign at your local school or library - ‘Plastic Fantastic?’ posters are available on my website and lots of useful links for further information. Do email me and let me know how you get on!