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walking and collecting on the Suffolk coast




It is now an incredible four years since I began my challenge Walking to save some sea. I am still walking and collecting and I wanted again to record more formally what I see and find... So, supported by Suffolk Coasts and Heaths, I have started a blog:

A year at the edge records one year of walks and collecting at my favourite beach Thorpeness, starting from September 2011.

Some of the things that wash up are treasure - old, weathered and with a journey that I can never know - but most of it isn't and I would prefer not to see any of it there at all...

The coast at Thorpeness is forever changing - weather, seasons, tides, beach visitors, sea defence work and erosion all make their mark. A year at the edge aims also to capture some of these changes. As it turned out, there was more change than I ever imagined...

You can visit my blog here:



Top image shown taken at Thorpeness 15th January 2012, looking south as a balloon floats into shore.
Bottom image taken at Thorpeness on 4th January 2012.