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imagining a future living with water...





Living by the coast, I have become increasingly interested in our relationship with the sea, particularly in the face of an increasingly volatile climate and rising sea levels, and have begun to explore the possibilities for adaptation to and living with water: amphibiliving, as I like to call it.

Amphibiliving imagines a more dynamic, resilient and sustainable way of living with water which might be better adapted to survival of future flood events and which potentially could make more land viable for future habitation - even perhaps making life more fun...

A future of Amphibiliving might see the development of floating houses designed to rise and fall with water flow yet retaining their services in tact, floating gardens, tree houses, communal rafts, and whole new networks of work and leisure opportunities and ways of getting about...

I have developed a website to showcase ideas and projects exploring these possibilities. You can submit your own ideas or existing projects for inclusion - see for details (just follow the link to SUBMISSIONS). And if you want to suggest other people's projects, do please drop me a line.

Ideas may be photos, texts, drawings... Anyone may submit ideas: artists, writers, teachers, designers, engineers, architects, communities, schools, students, children, parents, grandparents...

In addition, a number of short residencies may also be possible in order to develop, realise or share ideas.