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An interesting thing has been happening all round the globe... Pearls are floating onto our beaches on every tide. Yes, Procter & Gamble's PearlTM plastic tampon applicators can now be found on beaches all over the world... Like oyster pearls, Tampax Pearls are precious - they are made from plastic which will last for hundreds of years and they use up valuable oil resources in their production. Indeed they are the ultimate luxury purchase: unnecessary and extravagant  - and in a beautiful alluring range of pearly colours. When not disposed of in landfill (also a precious resource), Tampax Pearls are flushed through sewage systems and often washed into the sea. For more about Tampax Pearl, see Touching Lives, Improving Life - but in the meantime why not enter our competition to win a genuine Tampax Pearl necklace - as illustrated below. Just email us your ideas for what Proctor and Gamble can do with all their plastic tampon applicators - the best suggestion wins!