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Sizewell C will have a huge impact on our seas and marine life if it goes ahead.
The twin tunnels of its massive new cooling system will suck in 130,000 litres of water per second (the volume of 12 double decker buses) - and all the sea-life in it - returning it to the sea 10-12 degrees warmer through a huge outfall pipe. Every day for 60 years.
It will result in the death of an estimated 92 million fish every year - that’s 5.5 billion fish over its 60 year lifetime - and decimate plankton and smaller marine life.  The warmer waters and loss of competition could result in more jellyfish blooms too.
The construction and operation of Sizewell C, the shipping of bulk materials to the site and the operation of the proposed desalination plant will also result in an increase in toxic contaminants in the sea. Swimming in the sea here is really popular with local people and visitors - but how safe this will be if Sizewell C goes ahead?


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