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Sizewell C will cost at least £20 billion (probably a lot more).
But EDF have severe financial troubles. Moreover, 20% of the investment was to come from the Chinese, which the government has indicated it wants to avoid because of understandable security concerns. So, instead, the government wants all UK electricity users to pay for Sizewell C through their bills (through a type of tax called ‘RAB’). If agreed by Parliament, perhaps this autumn, this would mean years of surcharges on everyone’s electricity bills, regardless of your ability to pay.
And they want us to pay through our pensions too - despite the high risks.
If Sizewell C goes ahead, it will be UK people, and especially our children, who will be paying for it and carrying all the risks if it goes wrong, is interminably delayed or is perhaps even abandoned mid-construction.
Spending our money in this way also means the money can’t be invested in less expensive projects that would really help tackle the climate emergency in time.

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