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The world is facing a biodiversity crisis and the UK is already one of the world’s most nature-depleted countries. Despite our government’s promises to protect nature,  the construction of Sizewell C would devastate Suffolk’s rich wildlife and habitats.
Its site sits at the heart of Suffolk’s Area of Outstanding Beauty and in the middle of some of the UK’s most precious habitats. Destruction of woodland, interference with water levels, 24 hour light, noise and air pollution from construction, contamination of the marine environment, obliteration of rare vegetated shingle habitats and the concreting over of some protected areas (SSSI) are just some of the concerns.
In particular, the construction of Sizewell C would blight RSPB’s famous bird reserve, Minsmere, which lies just north of the massive construction site. Minsmere is a site of international importance, valued for its rich and spectacular wildlife, and is one of the UK’s best-loved nature reserves. It has breeding marsh harriers, otters, and avocets (which it helped save from extinction in the UK) and, of course, its famous booming bitterns.  Yet it - and a lot more - could be irreparably damaged, at a time when species globally are becoming extinct at 100 times faster than the normal rate.

(32 birds from the Red List of 67 endangered British birds)
An East Anglian by birth, the landscape of Norfolk and Suffolk are deeply engrained in Jayne’s work. She has returned to the subject repeatedly over many years in a quest to understand its geology and its ecosystems. With the increasing pressures on our coast and wildlife, it has become vital to address these environmental issues. Seven years in New Zealand working in bird conservation alerted her to the global problems in the bird world and this increasing awareness feeds her work.
The birds on the Red List are species whose numbers are in severe decline (losing at least 50% of the breeding population in the last 25 years) and that are of the highest conservation concern.
What more fitting a building than the Snape Maltings Dovecote to show birds that will be affected by the building of the Sizewell C power station.
Jayne hopes in this way to increase our understanding of the huge implication of what we are so casually and absent-mindedly about to lose.
Jayne studied Fine Art at Norwich and Wimbledon School art schools. She lives in north Norfolk.


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