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Everyone loves a sea view… but these C views from Hinkley Point C in Somerset  - one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe - reveal what will happen to our views in Suffolk if Sizewell C goes ahead. EDF want to build exactly the same here at Sizewell - but squeezed onto a smaller site. So we can expect it to be even more chaotic.
The proposed site for Sizewell C’s twin EPR reactors - and their mass of supporting infrastructure, including facilities to store thousands of tonnes of highly radioactive waste and spent fuel - is much bigger than that of Sizewell B and will take from and be surrounded by many precious and protected land and marine habitats, including Sizewell marshes and Minsmere, RSPB’s perhaps best-loved nature reserve. The Suffolk coast would be industrialised on an unprecedented scale and subjected to 24 hour light, noise, air and water pollution.


What we will lose:
The photo below was taken in January 2021 on the beach at Sizewell looking north towards Dunwich and Minsmere Nature Reserve. It is one of my favourite photos of Suffolk. It is at the north end of the site where the two huge nuclear reactors of Sizewell C would be built.  Where I am standing is where the Beach Landing Facility would bring in millions of tonnes of construction materials to the site from the sea.

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